Shiva Mazloom

Schwarzkopf Master Colorist & Stylist


my philosophy, is that style is not a definition.
rather a personal attitude;
a reflection of self. 
- shiva mazloom



Shiva Mazloom's path to becoming a hair stylist began with her love for painting. She began with watercolor painting, which is considered the most difficult style to master due to its unpredictability, little room for error, and demanding nature. The challenge of watercolor painting combined with the passion Shiva had for creating beautiful works of art served as a strong foundation for her career in hair. Shiva treats every head of hair as a blank canvas and strives to create a work of art with each client.

She has a unique obsession with the details and a natural gift for beautiful hair color. Shiva has trained with top hair stylists from all over the world. She has the expertise and talent to give clients a look they truly fall in love with. Shiva has helped countless clients reach their hair's full potential in terms of both health and style. As a hair artist, Shiva believes in honesty, patience, creativity, passion and hard work all functioning together to produce a beautiful end-result for her clients.